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When it comes to software solutions and products, Microsoft definitely is the company to stand out respecting this type of services, offering computing platforms for computers and other devices almost 50 years ago.

Microsoft is an enterprises that is specialized in productivity, entertainment, cloud and professional software at present time, as well as operating systems that are the reference in terms of home computers and also servers.

This can be seen in statistics, general impact and influence the enterprise has in market share with Windows, as the server, business and home OS that is used in more than ninety percent of the computers and compatible devices existing worldwide.

With such influence globally, it is not surprising that Microsoft is present in every country with great headquarters and offices, almost in every capital of the world where their solutions and platforms are present, for professional and home use.

Now, with no doubt the most relevant Microsoft office worldwide is the one locate at 1 Microsoft Way, being the actual main headquarters of the company located in Washington, with great space and having all the meetings where important decisions about the company are made.

We will be talking about the history of this Microsoft´s main headquarter, when was its foundation, purpose to be there and more.

Also, we are going to describe the place in terms of characteristics and nearby places, as a territory that is also known as Microsoft campus due to the influence of the company there, actually building the street and close locations.

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Knowing a little more about the 1 Microsoft Way address

In details, 1 Microsoft Way is the exact address from which is known the location of the main headquarters belonging to Microsoft, being placed specifically in the city of Redmond in Washington, the capital of the United States.

Informally, these headquarters in Seattle are known as the Microsoft campus, at least among the residents of the region. The company established its main office in this place since it became public more than 30 years ago, although plenty of expansions have been carried out since the company is located at 1 Microsoft Way.

In fact, up to three expansions have been applied to this place and making it one of the biggest campus and business-related offices in the world, surpassing the 700.000 square feet and reaching up to 40.000 employees.

This makes this campus one of the most relevant in the world, which was built by Microsoft almost 40 years ago and expanding it more and more over the years. In the same way, the 1 Microsoft Way as formal address from this technology headquarter is not only a business office, but in fact it is more than that.

For example, it is possible to find stores that are available for the public, sports fields and more, being a comprehensive location that is possible to use for many people, along with their business function.

History of the 1 Microsoft Way and previous locations

At the very beginning, when Microsoft became a company big enough to have its own and independent headquarters, the place of selection for their location was the region of Believue, actually near the city of Redmond in Seattle, Washington.

Later on, on January 1985 Microsoft decided to move its main offices from Believue to Redmond, selecting a 29-acre plot that will be the start of the new formal facilities from the company, until present day.

One year later, on February 26, 1986 the company actually moved to the new built facility, which was near to the unfinished State Route 520 at that time, being a little bit concerning due to traffic conditions and more. Nevertheless, to this day such address and highway is connected to the facility and campus.

Six years later, in 1992 the 1 Microsoft Way headquarters would experience their first expansion from the 25 million dollars and 29-acre plot to 260 acres, making the place 10 times bigger, due to the growth in relevance on behalf of the company, and also the increase in employees that easily reached for that time up to 1500, starting in 1985 with less than 500 employees.

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Two remaining expansions of Microsoft´s headquarters

In 2006, Microsoft would start its second expansion to the 1 Microsoft Way headquarters in Redmond, by purchasing the nearby Safeco´s headquarters and campus since the company was moving to the Safeco Tower in other region of Seattle.

Nevertheless, this expansion would not end there and Microsoft would invest up to 1 billion dollars expand the Redmond campus, as it is known informally. This evolution involved growth in territory of up to 1.000.000 square feet, in order to be able to host more than 12.000 workers at the same time.

Almost 10 years later, in 2015 started the third and biggest expansion to date of the 1 Microsoft Way campus, in order to redesign it and obtain up to 400.000 more square feet in comparison to the entire size of the latest expansion carried out in 2006.

For this redesigning Microsoft planned to demolish 12 building in East Campus, replacing them with 18 more modern buildings which were going to be built by Skidmore, Owings and Merril architecture film.

All of these renewals and expansions not only included new business areas, but also the creation of restaurants, sports fields, education centers, stores, shopping malls, neighborhoods and more.

Places nearby the Microsoft main headquarters in Redmond

Nearby the 1 Microsoft Way address respecting the headquarters of the company are plenty of places of interest, such as restaurants, hotels and more. For example, the 156th Avenue is next to the facility, while streets are near as well.

There are available hotels vary close to the Microsoft headquarters, like the Extended Stay America and the Aloft Seattle Redmond. In terms of food, there are places to eat like Popeyes, Starbucks, Fred Meyer and Arby´s.

Also, for shopping there are places like Costco, and regarding supermarkets nearby 1 Microsoft Way address there are options like Whole Foods Market, Safeway Full Station, among others.


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