Global ratings and IARC

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In a world like the current one we are having right now, with no doubt is imperative to keep an eye on the content our children and teenagers are having access to, since the ease in which they can consume material of any type with almost no restriction, thanks to gaming console, web page and mobile devices. This is where the Global Rating system and IARC come in.

What is the Global Rating or IARC system?

In details, the International Age Rating Coalition or also known as IARC is a content classification system, videogames, music albums, apps and other platforms released can be classified and labeled, depending on the content and material included. Luke this, parents can know better about the material included in videogames and apps they are using, and if such are suitable and recommendable in terms of their age or not.

The valuable characteristic about the IARC system as global rating platform is that there are plenty of expert companies and rating platforms behind it from all over the world, taking into account aspects of culture and idiosyncrasies at the moment of rating games, music, audiovisual materials and apps that are proper of any country.

Also, such expertise from the different rating platforms included provide a more trustable and reliable organization and rating procedures. The ESRB or Entertainment Rating Software Board, CLASSIND, Australian Government Classification Board, GRAC, PEGI and others are of the few organizations included in the IARC system, approving gaming markets and online platforms like PSN, ORIGIN, XBOX Live, Origin, Oculus, Nintendo eShop, and others.

On another part, how IARC through the companies works is actually very simple to put. First, the developers of a videogame, app or music record ask different questions respecting the game, app or service they are about to put in the market. Depending on the answers the IARC give it a classification and age rating, which later is modified and changed depending on the country where the game will be released.

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