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Families are now more interested than ever in knowing the content that children and teens are having access to, respecting plenty of options in entertainment like videogames, music, movies and more, since these could be quite violent or show inappropriate content, among other situations that children and teens should not presence. For this, the ESRB rating guide is a perfect tool to know what is better for kids and what is not.

The ESRB Rating: Concept and function

The Entertainment Software Rating Board or better known as ESRB Rating is a system, which allows the user to know the contents and characteristics of media products like videogames and movies, previous to the process of purchasing the physical product. In this way, parents can know better about the entertainment their children are having, with an objective analysis and rating.

Specifically, the rating system is based on three parts that at the same time provide information easy to understand, respecting six different rating categories that show age appropriateness suggestions, which make simpler for parents to select the right contents for their children or teens, depending on their age.

The second part in which the ESRB Rating is based on is the content descriptor that indicate material that is concerning, so it is included in the label directly. For example, violence, blood or sex material are triggers that can be written in the rating categories. The third part corresponds to the interactive elements included in the game, such as the possibility to interact with others through internet and share location.

Depending on the sexual content, violence, cursing, alcohol and drug reference, gambling or the lack of inclusion of this elements a product may be labeled with the ESRB Rating categories “Everyone”, “Everyone +10”, “Teen”, “Mature”, Adults Only” or “RT or Rating Pending”, depending on the content of the media product or service.

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