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Microsoft Education: Empowering students and teachers worldwide

Microsoft is a company that is aware of its responsibility and impact on the community and consumer, due to the leadership it has and years of experience that make it interest in innovating and help the world to be a better place. Well, this can be achieved only by the hand of education and learning, […]

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Take advantage of Microsoft Download Center

Microsoft offers literally hundreds, if not thousands of different products in software solutions and hardware, being of the most known with no doubt Windows as main operating system, along with other services like Office, XBOX, Edge and the respective hardware line of Surface. Well, all of these solutions need software support to function properly, and […]

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Microsoft Copyright: Creative and unique work protected

Every company, business and enterprise is related to a brand and logo that make them unique, and even the smallest have their own as basic or simple design as it may be. Of course, this unique and original logo and brand name can never be used again by others, since this are related to one […]

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Mathwarehouse: Square Root of 123 solution

Getting square root calculation manually represents one of the most difficult procedures that can be perform in mathematics, since it takes so many steps and depending on the number and its size the process can be quite long. Nevertheless, thanks to technology we no longer need to calculate square roots manually, since calculators and online […]