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Usually, when buyers purchase products and services of any sort there is a contract or agreement between the two parts, which include conditions of use and other parameters respecting guarantees, exceptions, legal rights and duties and more. In this way, buyers can know about how they can use the service or product they acquire, and manufacturers establish matters of use and also responsibilities involved.

This is a reality that is particularly present at the moment of purchasing software and programs, since the creator or manufacturer of such platform usually carry out a paper or documentation, where terms of use and description on how the platform offers functions is included, along with what is forbidden to do with the program, legal rights and legislations, among others.

This is because software of any kind involve processes that are related with piracy, duplication or creation of content that must be regulated according to legislations of countries and more, involving recollection of personal data, tracking and advertising processes and more that must be included in a service agreement so the user can know.

Being Microsoft of the most, if not the greatest and relevant in terms of software globally, it is not secret that they establish their Microsoft Services Agreement between the company and the user, where a quite set of sections and clauses are included to show the many aspects that must be addressed for the use of such software, as they will be explained in the next section.

What is the Microsoft Services Agreement?

Specifically, the Microsoft Services Agreement is the contract where two parties are involved; in this case the buyer or who acquires the product by paying its case, and the purchaser or manufacturer and creator of the software, which is Microsoft in this scenario.

Such agreement establishes the rules in which the user will be allow to use the product or services, within a set of conditions, duties and rights that deal with both parts included in the agreement. This type of paper in first instance is integrated with clauses that explain the scenarios in which software products can be taken advantage of, in terms of their specific and general functions.

For example, general use of the software in which clauses are common between Microsoft and the buyer is the conditions of use and zero tolerance respecting piracy or use of malware and other suspicious activation of products. Also, guarantees, forbidden behavior, account syncing, collecting of personal information and other are described in the agreement.

Things to know about the services agreement by Microsoft

The services agreement designed by Microsoft is related to two very important matters. First of all, if users disagree with the document they easily can reject the documentation and simply not be subject by them. However, this means that such possible users cannot utilize any Microsoft platform whatsoever, at least those who are governed by such paper in first place.

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Secondly, this specific agreement only involves products and services focused and designed for home and business use, leaving the professional and EOM solutions out since these platforms have their own specific services agreement that usually involves complete enterprises, groups, organizations and gathered professionals in some way.

So, products like Windows Server or Windows in retail versions designed for OEMs, as well as professional platforms like Azure are not ruled by the Microsoft Services Agreement. On the other hand, the final contract between Microsoft and the user respecting Windows, platforms like Skype, Office, OneDrive and others is valid for all of these personal and home solutions.

New update to come respecting Microsoft Services Agreement contract

In August 19th, 2019 will arrive a new update to the Microsoft Services Agreement paper available online, including some changes respecting the use of personal information and parental control. This modifications will take effect on this very day and forward, as something to keep in mind at the moment of acquiring and use new Microsoft products.

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This document is available through the URL address https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/servicesagreement/faq.aspx and can be downloaded in PDF format for further and more detailed consultation in the different sections, along with the changes and upcoming changes that Microsoft adds to this important document that must be considered when purchasing products and solutions from the company.


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