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How to get help for Windows 10

Support and help options provided by enterprises and companies are very important, since like this their users can ask for help and solve different issues and problems, along with situations regarding different products and solutions in general and more specifically, when events to address have to do with specialized approach and functionality.

In the same way, support is an imperative aspect when it comes to technology companies, which mandatorily must offer a great customer and support service for helping users with their products, since these in many cases can he hard to use, present malfunctions and more. 

Microsoft is one of the most outstanding technology companies in the world, which is focused on software solutions such as operating systems, productivity suites, cloud platforms, coding software, games and more. In fact, Microsoft is the company responsible for creating, distribute and develop the most used operating in the world; Windows. 

Being this way, having Microsoft a product which market share reaches almost 95 percent globally, definitely the company has the responsibility to offer support that is related to such position, providing help online in many ways when it comes to solve problems users and customers may have while they enjoy platforms like Windows and many others. 

In the next section we will be showing you how to get help for Windows 10, in many different levels and functions related to the platform, in order to get the most out of this influential operating system. 

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Accessing the website to get help for Windows 10 online 

lloworldhttps://support microsoft com/en-us/hub/4338813/windows-help?os=windows-10 

Windows 10 is the latest operating system released by Microsoft in 2015, with plenty of new features and functions, along with improved characteristics related to security, compatibility, reliability, quickness and more. 

Involving everything an OS must have, from installable software to new features, apps and general functionality, Windows 10 is completely different in direct comparison to other versions of the platform, especially Windows 7 where practically every aspect of layout and appearance was completely redesigned, being more modern and functional. 

However, Windows 10 just like any other operating system and software or any other technological platform may present issues, and it is responsibility of the developer, in this case Microsoft, to provide the best solutions and tools to obtain it the easiest way. 

Respecting this platform, the best method to get this help and support is through the available webpage online, in which users will be able to obtain the resources and knowledge to solve different problems, in relation to diverse aspects of the OS that may present situations that are able to be fixed with easy steps and guidance. 

To access this support webpage by Microsoft is very easy. Just open a tab on your favorite internet browser, and then enter the URL address

Automatically, the platform will be loaded in just seconds in your language and detecting the operating system you have, which at this point must be Windows 10. Windows 8.1 and below versions of the OS are discontinued and unsupported. 

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Sections available on the Microsoft support page for Windows 

At the moment users are able to access to the Windows support platform online, it is possible for them to choose different sections available. But before this part of the webpage, there is an area in where users can change the operating system between Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. 

Depending on the selected OS the different resources, topics, guides and material available will change. Nevertheless, Microsoft recommends using Windows 10 as permanent operating system, upgrading from previous platforms in case they are still being used, due to no longer available support and discontinued updates. 

Now that the operating system is chosen, the next step is to select the category related to the issue that is happening. Categories available are: 

  • Install, upgrade and activate 

This category shows information and resources respecting the installation, upgrade and activation of Windows 10, including step by step guides to install the operating system from scratch or by deleting a previous installed OS. 

This also involves activation methods and issues respecting getting the software licensed, especially for those users that get their copies of the platform in retail stores, or digital codes that are provides via email. 

  • Connectivity 

Connectivity issues and solutions have to do with the different way devices and computers connect to the internet, either by using WIFI, LAN or 3G connections. In some cases there are problems with this specific connectivity hardware in Windows 10, specifically about drivers and associated software. 

  • Devices and drives

Drivers and devices related issues can be solved throughout this category, fixing problems that have to do with external an internal drives, flash memories and other hardware that is connected to the device internally and externally. 

  • Performance and maintenance 

Windows 10 is built-in with different options respecting performance and maintenance, in order to keep the operating system working properly and without issues or slow functionality. Usually, these options are setup and carried out automatically, but through the options included in this category such functions can be modified manually. 

  • Music, photos and videos 

Windows 10 is a platform designed for content consumption, such as music and videos, photos, movies and more. Windows Media Player is the built-in player of Windows 10, which can be configured in the best way. 

Also, using this category can be solved problems respecting playback and image displaying, along with other problems that may appear. 

  • Repair and recovery 

In case of any issue or trouble, Windows 10 includes options to recover the system when the OS does not want to boot or is working in the wrong way with recovery and repair functions Windows can be fixed with restoration points that can be set automatically or manually. 

  • Security, privacy and accounts 

With this category is possible for users to establish different parameters respecting security and privacy, such as the way the OS and apps access the personal information. Also, accounts can be added or deleted to associated Windows with users´ accounts for more security. 

  • Files and folders 

Windows 10 includes options to change the way files and folders are created and shown, and in this category can be learned how to configure Windows Explorer and the way files and folders are displayed.

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