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The possibility to search for almost any type of information online through search engines definitely changed the way people use internet and access web pages, since like this users were able to find content that otherwise would be impossible to visit, unless valid URL address was at hand at that very moment to visit the platform and be able to read and enjoy the content in it.

With such a groundbreaking technology that actually is the one where internet is based on at present time, at least in terms of real use by customers online that want to access millions of pages and find the best results, it is not surprise that Microsoft as a main software company worldwide has designed its own search engine as service, which is Bing and it is of the most used on this segment of online service.

However, Bing is not a recent technology or platform since actually has time and extensive development over the years until become what it is now. Such development started in the last decade as we will be showing you today, along with the concept of Bing and the available platforms that can be used thanks to its core, such as Bing Maps and Bing News.

Development and concept of Bing

In details, search engine technology designed by Microsoft actually started in 1998 with the release of MSN Search, or the service that allow to search for information and webpages easily, as a platform that was included in the Microsoft Service Network, along with Hotmail and other advantages at that time.

Nonetheless, at the beginning the previous version of Bing known as MSN Search was based on a third party search solution known as Inktomi to show the results, and one year later Microsoft will start using AltaVista as searching technology for MSN Search. Actually, in 2005 would be the year in which the company released its completely independent search engine, being the precursor of Bing with no doubt.

In this year MSN Search would be changed to Windows Live Search and then would be known as Live Search, including new features and a completely independent technology that would allow users to find content like text, images, music, news, and more, all in one place and with very fast and reliable results that were based on the location and other features respecting the searcher.

In 2009 and after a continuous development over the years, Microsoft decided to change the name of its search technology and engine to Bing, as the sound made by great ideas when they are thought of.

In terms of concept, Bing is a search engine that allow users to find different types of information in web pages, all in a second a one click away. Also, this platform can be used by enterprises and businesses to show and market their products with ads, which are focused on the actual interests of the users respecting their browsing and search history, location and other parameters.

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Knowing more about Bing Maps and Bing News

Along with the general search option provided by Bing where any type of information can be found, the platform also allow to select different sections that offer more specialized content depending on the needs of the users. Clear examples of these are the Bing News and Bing Maps.

As the name says, Bing Maps is the platform that allow users to find maps on the platform, in order to locate streets and general addresses, being actually a very useful function respecting mobile devices at the moment of using them on the go. In fact, users can enter street names and Bing Maps will show the shortest way to get there.

Secondly, Bing News is another useful section that is offered by the search engine by Microsoft, displaying relevant information on the events and news taking place near the user. In the easiest way, Bing show news from different sources like newspaper located in the region of the searcher in order to provide the most relevant articles and information.

To access both Bing News and Bing Maps, users must access and find the different sections of interest at the top right along with the Images and Videos sections. Also, it is possible to find direct results by performing a search using the search bar on Bing.

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