The process of how Bing delivers search results

Microsoft launched its own search engine to compete directly with Google and its homonymous searching platform, specifically in the year of 2009 and called it Bing. From that moment on, the company from Redmond established relevance in this segment of online software and general technological solutions, with great improvements and earning more and more market […]

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Microsoft Solitaire Premium and related entertainment solutions

There are various choices for entertainment in Windows, which have been incorporated by Microsoft since past adaptations of the OS until the arrival of Windows 10 as latest platform that still the current one. For instance, there are diverse Microsoft games and titles that can be played in Windows 10 right off the bat respecting […]

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Download voices for Immersive Reader, Read Mode, and Read Aloud

Reading modes and text-to-speech functions in operating systems are valuable and almost mandatory tools for many people these days, especially those having blindness as disability or simply due to the ease as it is to hear and audiobook or text without the need to read or seeing a screen, which can be exhausting for the […]

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Microsoft Education: Empowering students and teachers worldwide

Microsoft is a company that is aware of its responsibility and impact on the community and consumer, due to the leadership it has and years of experience that make it interest in innovating and help the world to be a better place. Well, this can be achieved only by the hand of education and learning, […]