Previous versions of Microsoft products, services and technologies

Microsoft is a company that soon will be turning 50 years, and that is not a small number in any way. In this time, the company has become the absolute leader in computing software respecting operating systems, productivity suites, as well as in business and professional platforms that has virtually no competition, taking most of […]

Mathwarehouse: Square Root of 123 solution

Mathwarehouse: Square Root of 123 solution Getting square root calculation manually represents one of the most difficult procedures that can be perform in mathematics, since it takes so many steps and depending on the number and its size the process can be quite long. Nevertheless, thanks to technology we no longer need to calculate square […]

Know more about the Rehold platform

Know more about the Rehold platform Real estate is a very important industry in the United States that help users and interested people in finding houses for sale, rent and foreclosures. This type of industry and other similar ones have been strengthened thanks to the internet, with specialized platforms where people can find properties with […]

Global ratings and IARC

In a world like the current one we are having right now, with no doubt is imperative to keep an eye on the content our children and teenagers are having access to, since the ease in which they can consume material of any type with almost no restriction, thanks to gaming console, web page and […]