Cologuard Test for easy colorectal cancer detection

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Detecting cancer in early stages can be critical when it comes to curing it, since in advanced or IV phases this disease is almost incurable and will involve highly invasive treatment like chemotherapy and radiotherapy that in most cases make the patient´s state even worse. For that reason, detecting cancer early is very important, and respecting colorectal cancer specifically there is the cologuard test.

What is the cologuard test? 

In details, the cologuard test is a high sensitive and high compliance strategy examination in order to detect colorectal cancer, in early or advanced stages and by an easy method that do not involve any invasive procedure or anything like that. Along with that, this method is also capable of detecting adenomas and other forms of cancer.

Cologuard works with high technology stool DNA detection that allow patients to know if they have colorectal cancer and other related forms of this affection, such as adenoma and first to fourth stages. In this way, possible treatment can start right away and only by performing a simple high sensitive test available in Cologuard.

In the United States, one out of three people have not performed any colorectal cancer screening method, which is an unfortunate statistics since such person is possible to have this type of disease without even knowing it. This is where Cologuard comes in, as the ultimate method for colorectal cancer screening method, stool DNA-based and non-invasive whatsoever.

For example, this method for cancer detection works in ninety-two percent of the times, with an eighty-eight percent satisfaction among the users who have practiced the method.

Also, the Colorguard method is one of the few allowed by the HEDIS and NCQA organizations, due to its simple implementation and non-invasive approach of functioning. A Cologuard screening kid can be purchased online and delivered in every state of the US.


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