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Email is with no doubt of the most important services available online, providing the formal tool of communication enterprises and businesses use to stay in touch with their employees, send memorandum and general information through messages.

Also, emails give the possibility to users to stay in touch with love ones and share different media files and information like photos, videos and more, thanks to attachments. As it can be seen, email platforms are very important services on the internet due to all the advantages they provide.

Nevertheless, this type of service is actually a pioneer and of the first to be given online when internet started to be a common tool on every home, along with web pages in a world where mobile devices and apps were not a thing just yet.

Microsoft was at the very beginning of such pioneer service of email in the decade of 1990, until present day when has become one of the biggest software and email companies all over the world, thanks to Hotmail in first instance and then thanks to Outlook as the renewal of such platform.

Today will be explained a little bit of the history of ABC@microsoft.com respecting Hotmail and the service became Outlook, along with the processes on how to start using the platform to send emails, get signed in and registered, following very easy steps. But before that, the way in which an Outlook account can be used as a main key to the Microsoft service platform will be addressed.

From Hotmail to Outlook: A process throughout Microsoft’s history

In 1996, a company called Hotmail released a product and online platform of the same name based on email function, being an absolute pioneer in this segment and providing the service for free through the web. This would change how people interact and communicate with each other and the exchange of information across the web, as something revolutionary in the decade of 1990.

Due to this influence, Microsoft would buy Hotmail as a company and acquire the right to use the name and technology behind the email service, becoming the Microsoft´s email platform for the years to come, and of course being included on the service platform from the company known as Microsoft Network or MSN and later on Microsoft Windows Live.

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At present time, Hotmail has been changed to Outlook since 2012 and now includes plenty of new features related to security, stability, design and general functionality that allows it to compete with platforms of the competition such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

How to sign up and log in on Outlook

In order to start using Outlook or former Hotmail service, the first thing to do is signing up on the platform. This can be easily done by visiting the URL address www.signup.live.com/signup, where the system will ask the user to introduce different personal information, such as name and last name, address, country and state of residence, phone number and gender.

After all of this information is entered the user will have their proper Microsoft Outlook account to take advantage of, by receiving mail with attachments and working as main key to access all services offered by the company from Redmond, starting from OneDrive to Skype and even working as valid credentials to use on Windows 10, along with other related technologies provided by Microsoft.

Now that the account is created, the next step is to open session or log in to start receiving emails and enjoy other features Outlook has. To do so, the user can access the URL address www.login.live.com/login and then introduce the email account that can end in Hotmail, Outlook or Microsoft.

After a valid Microsoft account is entered the next step is to introduce a password that must the corresponding with such account. If everything is correct, the user will have access to their inbox with no problem and will allow to change parameters respecting design and layout, folders, security options like two-step verification and more.

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By following the easy steps related to these two prior procedures users will enjoy of the most advanced email platforms at present time, being of the pioneers respecting this type of technology as Microsoft is, in first place with Hotmail and Windows Live Hotmail and now with Outlook.


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