How to import photos and videos from phone to PC

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Usually we have a ton of photos and videos in our phones that occupy lots of space, even several gigabytes without taking into account other apps and content in the smart phone. Well, to avoid this you can send that content to a computer, in order to save space and also have a backup on what is important information and memories in many cases.

Next we will be showing you how to import photos and videos from phone to PC, either you have an Android or Apple device, such an iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch. The process is quite similar in both platforms and only required a few different steps, requiring the same resources.

Getting your photos and videos sent to your PC running Windows 10 

To send photos and videos from your phone to PC is simple. It is just needed the phone with charge and unlock, a power cable to connect it to the PC and nothing else. Now, connect the device to the computer and click on “Start” and then on open the Photos app.

With the app open, click on “Import” and then “From a USB device” option. At this point, in the screen must be appearing all photos and videos that are saved in the phone, and you only have to select those that are going to be imported to the computer. Then, click on “Tranfer” and follow the instructions, since the system will ask you to pick where your photos and videos will be saved.

Depending on the content selected and resolution of photos and videos on the device, the process may take a while to complete, also depending on the type of connection. In case of iPhones or iOS devices, there is a probability that it will ask the user to accept the computer as trusted device, by clicking in the option “Trust this device” when appears at the moment of connecting the phone or tablet to the computer.

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