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Nowadays many people enjoy content or their mobile devices, such as smart phones, tablets, computers and other handhelds in which they can watch videos and movies practically anywhere. Now, as important as the role mobile devices have for this to happen, there is also other important factor involved; streaming services.

Streaming services are those that allow users to enjoy content like videos, series and movies directly from their platforms thanks to the internet connection, without the need to download anything since everything is watched online. When it comes to this type of solutions, with no doubt YouTube is definitely the king on the internet.

In fact, millions of people worldwide spend many hours of their day watching videos on this platform. Rom tutorials to complete movies, music videos, gaming streaming and more, YouTube offers quite an extensive set of content that would be impossible to match for other similar platforms of the competition, if they can be called that way.

Nonetheless, there is a key problem respecting YouTube many users have encountered at least once; the notification that shows when a video is deleted and therefore is not longer available. Today we will be showing you what to do in this case.

Deleted videos from YouTube: Why does this happen?

In many cases, users want to watch a specific video from YouTube on their favorite channels where they are obviously subscribed to, to get the surprised that the video has been deleted. In this way, the video cannot be enjoyed or watched since it is unavailable and cannot be accessed in any way.

This happens due to several reasons. For example, it usually occurs when the YouTube channel posting the video actually decided to delete it for any number of causes; from a video that may involve unappropriated content that is forbidden respecting community terms, or for personal reasons simply the upload is removed and inaccessible.

In other cases, YouTube as platform and its related algorithm deletes videos due to restrictions or content, especially when they include violence or explicit showing that is forbidden on the site. This will have the same result in the video deletion for good, or at least that is what the platform of YouTube wants to make users believe.

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Removed videos from YouTube can be still accessed

The truth is that despites the notification showed by YouTube telling the user that the video has been removed or deleted, such content is still available and reachable since the platform do not delete the video, and it is only blocked.

So, this mean that the servers actually still saving the video and their data completely. So, removed videos are locked in some way and YouTube does not allow access to watch them. The thing is that as computing software it is based on the internet, such service can be “hacked” or deceived in some way.

Like this it would be possible to obtain access and watch videos that has been deleted, either from the user or channel or also by the YouTube algorithm. In any case, data still remain on the servers and with some tweaking they can be reachable, thanks to platforms like DeletedYouTubeViewer, UndeleTube and DeluTube.

How do DeletedYouTubeViewer, UndeleTube and DeluTube work?

In details, these platforms are specialized software that allow to watch deleted videos from YouTube as main premise, taking into account and carrying out different processes for that to work. Therefore, by using them the browsers of the YouTube platform can watch any videos they need, even if these are no longer available or “Removed” as shown.

Use DeluTube, UndeleTube and DeletedYouTubeViewer is very easy and just simple steps must be followed to start watching inaccessible videos. To begin with, when a video is shown as removed the user must copy the ID of the video, or the last set of numbers and letters on its URL address after the “=” character.

Done that, the copied ID must be pasted on any of the platforms called before and they will do the rest, showing the deleted video by accessing it carrying out procedures that unlock the content. This is the only way to watch videos that have been deleted. In some cases, content can present low quality and other issues, but that is better than nothing.

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