Download Mail and Calendar for Windows 10 easily

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Windows 10 is the operating system released by Microsoft in which is possible to run apps natively, running smoothly even in machines with low resources, but taking advantage of the OS for great experience. Through the Microsoft Store it is possible to get a great number apps for different uses, from games to productivity applications, like download Mail and Calendar app for Windows 10.

Get the Mail and Calendar app in your PC or Laptop 

The Mail and Calendar app for Windows 10 is a platform that can be easily downloaded from the Microsoft Store, in which the calendar and mail tools are included in one place, allowing you to create a schedule with different dates, remainders and more that are easily created and erased, as well as synced using the Microsoft account on your laptop, PC or Windows 10 device.

Also, along with the calendar it is possible to use the mail functions in which messages can be received and sent in simple steps, also syncing and showing on every device in which you have signed in. the app is a great platform since related the Outlook and calendar functions just smoothly and naturally.

The Mail and Calendar app being an official Microsoft platforms allows its complete integration with other services from the company, such as Office 365, Exchange, Outlook like it was previously mentioned, and even other platforms out Microsoft such as Gmail and Yahoo, allowing you to see mail and write and send messages, along with syncing options too.

Getting the app is very simple. Just go to the Mail and Calendar app at the Microsoft Store by searching it entering the name, and then click on “Download”, a few seconds later the app will be downloaded and installed automatically, syncing email with the Outlook or Hotmail address related to Windows 10 in first instance.

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