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Microsoft is known in the world of technology as one of the biggest software developing companies globally, with over 50 years running and earning experience that will make it the absolute leader in a segment that yearly manages billions of dollars in revenue, investment and investigation. Microsoft is definitely of the most important enterprises in the world, period. 

Being like this, Microsoft is responsible for the creation, development and release of different software and platforms, which at present time have a great market share in their specific segment and category. One example that simply can miss is Windows; the most used operating system in the world by far, being installed in more than ninety percent of devices and PCs globally. 

Such incredible market share obviously cannot be obtained over midnight, since Windows has been on the market for over 30 years now. With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft will recover some lost ground thanks to some versions of the operating system that were not as good as previous ones, with cases like Windows Vista and Windows 8. 

Of course, Windows 10 is not the perfect system and clearly over time can present some issues and troubles, as it can happen with any software. The thing is that all of these issues fortunately can be solved following easy steps. One known problem is when the camera doesn’t work on Windows 10, which will be the matter to be addressed today in the next sections.

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Things to know before fixing problems in Windows 10 regarding cameras

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Before getting deeper about fixing the problems respecting the web cameras in Windows 10, there are some things to know first that will help to solve issues in easier ways if these are addressed. 

To begin with, we have to know that if there is a camera connected to the PC or laptop or even if is built-in on the body of the device, for such hardware to work a driver must be present mandatorily.

In details, the driver is the software that allows the operating system, in this case Windows 10, to recognize the camera as a connected device to the platform establishing its functions, as well as getting the hardware organized in a category on the device manager. 

Being like this drivers are the main software that must exist in the machine for the camera to be detected and work properly. In most of the cases, driver issues are the responsible for hardware of this type to work in a bad way, and that is why knowing its concept is important at this point.

ail at abc@microsoft comhttps://support microsoft com/en-us/help/13753/windows-10-camera-does-not-work

It is also important to know that drivers get updated overtime, and this is another thing to consider at the moment of solving and issue in Windows 10 related to the camera, since around this matter can be the issue causing the problem. Drivers can even interfere with the function of the device they control if there are multiple updated and outdated versions of it. 

Of course, when the camera doesn´t work in Windows 10 there is the possibility the issue is being caused by something else, usually a problem with the app or some of its updates, or even new software installed on the computer that in some way is causing the issue. 

Describing the possible camera problems in Windows 10: mail at abc@microsoft comhttps://support microsoft com/en-us/help/13753/windows-10-camera-does-not-work 

According to some users, there are similar situations and issues respecting when they use the camera in Windows 10. The most frequent one is when they try to initiate the camera through the built-in app, and this just simply crashes and it does not do anything else. 

For other users, they start the app to see themselves in the camera and it seems to be shown a perpetual black screen, just like the camera were working but simply displaying this all the time. In both scenarios there are some things that need to be checked. 

Some users have said that the issue with the camera seems to be also presented in Cortana; the smart voice assistant included in Windows 10. Unfortunately, as it occurs with the camera Cortana seems to be crashing all the time when the problem exists on the machine, due to driver absence, interference or any other. 

Whether the problem is or how is manifested, there are a wide set of options to try and solve the different issues, very easy to carry out and without requiring any advanced knowledge on computing or operating systems. 

Different ways to solve the issue with the cam in Windows 10 

There are different ways in which the problem with the cam in Windows 10 can be solved. To do it, here they are organized following the steps that they involve: 

  • Restart the computer 

Yes, restarting the computer is a process that as simple as it might seems is capable of solving problems generated during the use of the computer. With a restart every app gets back to its default state and this means that many issues disappear instantly. 

  • Uninstalling Windows updates 

In some cases, Windows updates can generate problems respecting hardware on the device, especially when new drivers come with the update. To uninstall suspicions updates that are causing the issue, go to Start-Settings-Windows Update and find the last update and uninstall it by clicking with the right click, and the selecting the option “uninstall”. 

  • Driver issues 

The camera might be not detected due to driver issues as it was described before, or maybe due to the interference of different drivers of the camera installed at the same time. To solve this, go to Start and on the search bar write the words “Device Manager” and press Enter on the keyboard. 

Automatically, the Device Manager will be opened. From the tabs and different devices of the computer shown click on the “Web cam” or “Camera” as it can be identified and then click with the right button of the mouse. Select the option “uninstall driver” and that will be it. Download the official drivers from the webpage of the manufacturer. 

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  • Antivirus software 

In frequent occasions, the problem with the cam can be caused by the antivirus software installed, since it is possible that is blocking the access to the camera of the operating system. Disable the antivirus and try to run the cam again. 

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