The process of how Bing delivers search results

Microsoft launched its own search engine to compete directly with Google and its homonymous searching platform, specifically in the year of 2009 and called it Bing.

From that moment on, the company from Redmond established relevance in this segment of online software and general technological solutions, with great improvements and earning more and more market share over the years. But, How Bing delivers search results? 

The way Bing as search engine works 

Bing is the result of the combination and continuous development of MSN Search in first instance and Windows Live Search later on, including every technology and solution to deliver results and index content from web pages online. 

In terms of functioning, Bing works under a changing algorithm that is the responsible to crawl content from web pages online, index them and later show search page results, with the ultimate purpose of offering the most valuable information answering the query or consult introduced by the user. 

In order to determine the order of the search page results provided, the Bing’s algorithm determine some series of parameters regarding quality, uniqueness and authority of the sites, along with design, technical functions, URL addresses included and more. The details of the algorithm to work are not published and are secret and change all the time, in order to avoid black-hat SEO tactics and other search-related optimization frauds. 

It is important to stand out that results shown by Bing are generated automatically and no human help or human-based operation is performed, since the system is completely automatized and carry out by the core algorithm.  

This means that Bing and Microsoft as developer is a respectful platform of civil and expression rights, not changing in any way results respecting pages and queries introduced by users. However, Bing as search engine through Microsoft is capable of removing content from the index when many users ask for it, respecting offensive web sites and posts.

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