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At the moment of acquiring a product or service, especially when such solution is software there are plenty of agreements and contacts that are related with them, involving both the buyers and also the company that manufactures or creates the product, in order to establish which are their rights and duties, how is it that the service was designed respecting conditions of use guarantees and more.

Well, privacy is another important matter respecting contracts and papers that involve clients and companies, particularly when it comes to software as it was established before. So, Microsoft as one of the biggest enterprises, if not the biggest, respecting this field of technology designs papers and documents that describes all of the conditions and nature of software products they sell to the public, which of course deal with privacy matters.

Privacy is so important respecting internet and software to be used in computers, mobile devices and other hardware due to the usual exchange and access of personal information servers and software themselves may have, which is a concern to most users. Microsoft as responsible company has designed their Microsoft Privacy Statement as specialized privacy document.

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The intention of the Microsoft Privacy Statement

The Microsoft Privacy Statement is a document that has as intention to describe all the processes the company carries out respecting personal data collected from the users, in order to show how such data is used for different purposes and reasons that make services and platforms to work properly.

In the same way, in the document is shown the statutes on how third party applications and software are involved in the personal data collecting process, and which information such parties do not have direct access.

Also, in the document is described how is possible for users not to allow such access to personal information or at least partially allow it in terms of their own convenience. In fact, the agreement is provided to the users prior to the purchase of the product or at least at the moment of the purchase, and if users disagree with the documents they can easily not accept the terms.

If this is the case users will not be able to take advantage of any platform or service designed by Microsoft, such as Windows as operating system, Outlook as email solution and more, since the access to personal information to improve platforms is mandatorily.

Sections of the Microsoft Privacy Statement as document

The Microsoft Privacy Statement is a paper that is divided into different sections. For example, the first two of them addresses the reasons why and how personal data is collected, explaining that such information is used to improved different services by obtaining interaction data and more, which is valuable for advertising purposes and other procedures and products developed by Microsoft and subsidiary companies.

Fortunately, Microsoft allows users to access their personal data and control how it is managed by the company and third parties, in order to hide critical information that in many causes is saved in related servers and software created and managed by Microsoft.

Other sections of the document involve third party access such as cookies technology and their configurations, organization access and Microsoft account, since these are the credentials used to access Windows and platforms like Outlook and Skype, being services that while are included on the terms described in this paper, these also have their own unique and specific privacy parameters.

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How to access the Microsoft Privacy Statement for consultation

Before purchasing any Microsoft product, such as platforms like operating systems for home and business use, productivity software and any other, it is important to know the privacy statement related, in order to know how personal information generated by the users will be accessed and used.

In order to access this document online users can enter via the URL address, and in this way it will be easy to consult how privacy matters are addressed by the company and more, before purchasing any solution in order to avoid misunderstanding or later access users are not agree to.

It is possible for this document to be updated every once in a while, when Microsoft considers as company to upgrade or include new policies and descriptions about privacy and more.


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