Mail at abc@microsoft comhttps://support microsoft com/en-us/hub/4338813/windows-help?os=windows-10 

Hella mail at abc@microsoft comhttps://support microsoft com/en-us/hub/4338813/windows-help?os=windows-10 

Windows 10 is the latest operating system released by Microsoft in 2015, including plenty of new features and improvements, along with a renewed design that combines the Metro layout of Windows 8.1 with the one present in Windows 7 with a modern twist. At present time in 2019, Windows 10 is the most used operating system across the world.

This latest Windows platforms involves functions and better characteristics in terms of compatibility, reliability, speed, intuitiveness of use and so much more, all in one OS that is easy installable on different devices such as personal computers, laptops and tablets with a touch-based screen.

Now, due to the integration of all of this new features for many users is possible to be a little confused about all the possibilities or have different doubts respecting new features the platform has.

Because of this, Microsoft is offering a new platform that allow to obtain support online respecting their new operating system, which allow to solve different problems. So, answering the question about how to get help for Windows 10 is very easy, since there is a platform and webpage design for this purpose.

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Getting help and support respecting Windows 10 with Microsoft

By accessing the Microsoft Support page online users will be able to obtain help respecting the use and any issue present utilizing Windows 10 or any other previous version of the platform, since it can be chosen by the costumer or even detected automatically by the page itself.

In this way, it is possible to obtain help respecting any problem respecting Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, although this one last platform that is the most recent one will be addressed in a more emphasized manner.

Once the user has introduced the platform he or she utilizes or even if the platform detects it automatically, there are two ways to find help and support respecting any issue. First of all, clicking at the magnifying glass icon at the top right users can enter question or keywords respecting the issue they are having, and in this way the platform will come with some results that may be useful.

In case the users do not want to take advantage of the search utility built in on the web page, the other option is to find the category respecting the product by scrolling on the platform. For example, it is possible to find issues respecting connectivity, Internet Explorer, devices, music and photos, files, security, accounts, performance, maintenance and more.

At the moment of having an issue with Windows 10, there is a great chance the problem is related to any of the categories called previously, in order to find a proper solutions with guides that can be followed step by step to solve the situation, along with resources that can be accessed and downloaded just easily.

Including the resources to download that can be quite valuable to solve different situations and problems, there is also the important support that are able to provide other users and the community in general that faced such issues before. Therefore, it is easier and quicker to solve them thanks to the community and people that answer question and provide help on the Microsoft Support platform.

Other possibilities to obtain support respecting Windows 10

Through the Microsoft Support page there are other ways to obtain help respecting Windows 10 and other platforms and solutions provided by the company. One example is the Microsoft Community in which discussions and brainstorming is always present to solve issues, since many people around the world are sharing knowledge and supporting in the solution of problems of any kind.

Also, by using the platform it is possible to find help respecting business platforms, since these have a different approach in comparison to the home-focused solutions, involving a more specific support that is available through the platform.

Accessing the Microsoft Support page to obtain help is easy. Users just have to introduce the URL address on a tab or window on their favorite internet browser.

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It is also possible that from the web page users may obtain actual contact support with Microsoft representatives, when issues and problems related to Windows 10 or other related platforms cannot be solved by following guides or changing settings.

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