Previous versions of Microsoft products, services and technologies

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Microsoft is a company that soon will be turning 50 years, and that is not a small number in any way. In this time, the company has become the absolute leader in computing software respecting operating systems, productivity suites, as well as in business and professional platforms that has virtually no competition, taking most of the market share in the segment.

Windows and Office are great examples, as software that is installed in millions of devices and counting, being products that are preferred because of their stability, ease of use, known reliability for years and more. Of course, some products from Microsoft has also being forgotten or discontinued, as it is natural and more in the technology world and related business model.

Therefore, there are prior platforms and services that are no longer available or at least or nor supported in terms of updates and other resources, as information that is useful to know. That is why; the company has created a web site for this purposes where users have access to previous versions of Microsoft products, services and technologies, all in one place. estaurants near mehttps://docs microsoft com/en-us/previous-versions/orphan-topics/ws 11/dn789205(v=ws 11)

Previous platforms by Microsoft

Over the years, Microsoft has developed and discontinued several products, services and software due to several reasons. Nevertheless, in many cases these are still used and some of the knowledge, resources and information related can be useful.

Respecting the reasons why these software is discontinued can be caused by several reasons. For instance, when it comes to operating systems, since naturally over the years these platforms are substituted by others with more and advanced functions, sophisticated user interface, reliability, performance and general better experience in most scenarios.

It is the same case with other software, since over time there are always new platforms, programs and tools that are being developed to improve the current ones, and this is specifically deeper when it comes to the technology industry.

Through this URL address there is information available about the previous platforms by Microsoft, such as old edition of software like Azure, .NET, Dynamics, Bing, SQL, System Center, ASP.NET and more. All of this software and information related is included in this site for further reference, which can be very useful at some point.

In case needed, there are other types of resources like Videolearning, TechNet, MSDN, Students and other programs available promoted by Microsoft in order to provide great resources from and for a community expert in software, even if it is discontinued or old.

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