ESRB ratings for videogames and other content

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The Entertainment Software Rating Board or also known for its acronym ESRB is a platform that according to different parameters, characteristics, material and content shown is capable of providing capable and concise information and establish a rating category, allowing parents to be more aware of the content their children are exposed to in videogames, music and other content.

In fact, the ESRB rating system is very easy to explain: according to the characteristics of a videogame or music album or any other, respecting if it includes content descriptors like blood shown, alcohol references, curses and sex, among other content, the ESRB studies this material and then it comes with a rating category, which is the one that shows parents the content it has the game and appropriate age of the consumer.

There are up to six ESRB rating categories: “Everyone”, “Everyone +10”, “Teen”, “Mature”, “Adults Only” and “Rating Pending”. In this way, it is easy for parents to know which videogame or music disc is suitable and recommendable for their children or teenagers, by saying in the category and content descriptor what type of content does it have the game and for whom is recommendable.

Finding more online respecting ESRB ratings for content 

For parents to find more information about ESRB rating and content on a different game or music record, if they want more details and not just settle with the rating category on the product, it is possible to visit the URL address for more.

For example, by entering the web site there is a search bar at the top, in which parents can consult in detail about the content of a videogame, with a lot more information than that one provided by the rating category.

Parents can find games for many recent and older systems, such as PlayStation 4 and XBOX One, PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360, PC and many more platform, along with the most famous games, starting from Minecraft to Call of Duty.

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