Download voices for Immersive Reader, Read Mode, and Read Aloud

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Reading modes and text-to-speech functions in operating systems are valuable and almost mandatory tools for many people these days, especially those having blindness as disability or simply due to the ease as it is to hear and audiobook or text without the need to read or seeing a screen, which can be exhausting for the eyes at some point.

Microsoft is aware of the importance of text-to-speech functionalities, and have integrated it into Windows 10 built-in the platform, being compatible with plenty of the software provided by the company and third-party applications as well.

However, there are other possibilities respecting this type of function provided by Microsoft, as it is download voices for Immersive Reader, Read Mode and Read Aloud. In this way, users from around the world can obtain text-to-speech options in their own language. 25% 30%helloworldhttps://support office com/en-us/article/download-voices-for-immersive-reader-read-mode-and-read-aloud-4c83a8d8-7486-42f7-8e46-2b0fdf753130?ui=en-us&rs=en-us&ad=us

Text-to-speech functions: types available for different software in Windows 10

Whether customers are using software like OneNote, Word or the Editor Panel in Office, or even the Edge Browser by Microsoft, it is possible for them to use text-to-speech functions.

Depending on the software, there are a few read modes available in Windows 10, such as Immersive Reader for e-books and large texts, Read Mode that covers every aspect of the operating system, even menus and configurations.

On the other hand, read Aloud is the function for Narrator that allow to set high volume and also reading everything that is on the screen.

Fortunately, in either of this text-to-speech functions in Windows 10 is possible to download and set completely new languages, which can be different from the one shown in the user interface, making easy for users to listen text and words in their own mother tongue or other that they like or are learning.

Downloading new languages for text-to-speech functions in Windows 10

Downloading new languages to listen in Windows 10 is very simple. The first step is to click on the “Start” button and from the menu select the button “Settings”. Then, the user must click on “Time & Language”- “Region and Language” and then in “Add a language”.

There are plenty of languages to select from, so the user must click on the one to choose, wait a few minutes for it to download and the click on “Apply”. In this way, the new language will be the one to hear respecting text-to-speech functions like Immersive Reader, Read Mode and more, either in proper software and third-party software.

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