Mail and Calendar for Windows 10: FAQ

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Windows 10 as an innovative and more recent OS platform released by Microsoft includes plenty of options and functions that were not present in previous operating systems. Clear examples of this are the Mail and Calendar apps for the platform with great possibilities in syncing and more.

However, Microsoft has released the Mail and Calendar for Windows 10: FAQ, as the page where people can consult the frequently asked questions respecting this services and usual doubts. In details, the Mail and Calendar apps allow the users to check and write emails, set schedules, enter dates and event and more, with proper reminders.

Also, these platforms can work in sync thanks to Outlook, in which credentials can be entered and exchanged between one and the other respecting schedules, mails and more. To solve different questions, Office support has a section where users can consult Mail and Calendar FAQ for these apps installed in Windows 10 by default.

Learning more about Mail and Calendar for Windows 10

To begin with, usual questions respecting Mail and Calendar apps in Windows 10 have to do with compatibility respecting other services provided by Microsoft, such as Office 365, Outlook and Exchange. All of these platforms are compatible each other across the board, but the users should not forget that these platforms are also independent services and apps.

In this section of the Office support website there are answers about Mail and Calendar, and also the possibility to offer feedback and respond some questions and doubts, working as a community. All of this is possible thanks to the Microsoft account all users have, in order to log in and collaborate respecting answers and doubts they need and others may respond.

However, if the user wants to find information in general that is also possible, since the platform divides the answers depending on matters as accesability, calendar, and email in general, with doubts respecting shortcuts, language, sync issues and the process to set events.


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